I would love to see an up and down vote on the war! It won’t happen though, these people want to get re-elected. Go Dennis! “Peace is inevitable if you tell the truth.” That is some powerful stuff and he’s pretty close to dead on here.


Now I’m not saying she’s drunk.  But it looks like a fun wedding!

Apparently his peers care what he has to say.

He has a point, people who don’t understand an industry should not be regulating it.

One of the reasons tea baggers are against illegal immigrants is the ‘violence that comes with them.’Prior to this attack, ANSWER had sent out the following letter:

Racism is like anything else in this world: in order to make it fall, you must smash it! That is why we are calling on all people to come [...]


These Tea Partiers just got trolled. I wasn’t sure they sure would get it for a while. These people have completely marginalized the ‘tea party’ movement because instead of focusing on the single issue, lowering taxes and lowering government waste they have embraced pro-life extremists, racists and other people on the extreme right-wing side of [...]

John and Jackie Stowers are suing the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Lorain County General Health District over the raid on their “Manna Storehouse,” an organic food co-op that operated in LaGrange. The case focuses first on the “paramilitary style execution of a search warrant against a peaceful family” whose only alleged crime was [...]

It is quite ironic that the state that introduced the practice of no-fault divorce to the country and forever changed marriage would want to stop divorce entirely. Here’s a quick history lesson for all of you, in 1970, State Assemblyman Jim Hayes of Long Beach was going through a nasty divorce. To make life easier [...]